Welcome! (But, Please, Pardon Our Mess While We Move In)

This is no kidding, pal! Kitsch Slapped and Relationship Underarm Stick will be moving here permanently as of January 1, 2010, when Twolia changes the focus of its site to more reflect their mission & direct women to the core of the site.

Both Alessia and myself will likely update here every now and then, but look for our big debut by the first of the new year.

Until then, please excuse the migration mess.

vintage sunburn slap postcard

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  1. I look forward to a great year of quality content from Alessia, whom I’ve been reading for what feels like forever, and from you, too, as I can’t imagine Alessia would shack up online with anyone who isn’t top-notch.

    Looking forward to it. I have updated the link information from Relationship Underarm Stick to here on my site Sex and the 405.

    Happy holidays and here’s to a prolific new year!

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