Cheap Thrills Thursday: The Bear Facts

I got this vintage mechanical wind-up bear toy at a rummage sale at an old folks home senior living center; I paid a whopping 10 cents for it.


When I grabbed it with glee, hubby thought it was A) in bad shape & B) a modern reproduction. (Like for a dime it matters?) But he was wrong on both counts; A) the fur on his right side is not torn, just the glue which held it in place has gone kaput, and B) the old plastic muzzle & paper dealio beneath the wind-up turn thingy marked “Made In Japan” signify it’s a vintage toy.



And yes, it works! Wind him up and he walks!  What a find for a dime!


PS The doll you can see in the background of this last photo is posted here.

PPS My neighbors are beginning to look at me oddly for taking objects from inside my home outside to photograph them on the porch. But you understand that the sunlight makes for better photos, right?

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  1. When the neighbours look at you oddly just turn and smile at them. Let them wonder what you’re really up to. Then start a rumour about alien abductions, just to tease things up a bit.

    I also take a few photos of toys, mostly small dolls, posed as if they were living in the great big world. Some are pretty funny.

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