Not Quite the Spa (You’re Soaking In It)

My friend Laura, aka That Grrl of Creative Fat Grrl, takes these cool photos of dolls & posts them at Flickr — this one somehow reminds me of those old Palmolive dish soap ads with Madge.


I’m trying to get Laura/ThatGrrl to post the series, called Living Dolls, at Creative Fat Grrl so that I can find them there. (Yup, I’m lazy like that.) Maybe if we all pester her… *wink*


  1. I will post something on the 31st. There are others doing the same thing, much better than myself. I’m still hoping to find some really teeny dolls at the thrift shop one day. The Bratz girls are a bit big for it. Thanks. I still think of Madge too. I call my nieces Madge and Fred at different times and no one knows why. :)

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