Doodle Week: Why Do I Continue?

This week’s Doodle Week is stick figure girls.

As you can see, I continue to struggle with doodling.

At this point, it’s pretty obvious the problem is with me, not the themes.

In case you’re wondering, the girl on the left is sitting on the curb, while the young lady on the right is sitting with her legs crossed — like in the lotus position.

As for why I continue, I guess the answer is because it’s there.

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  1. My doodle is late getting posted. But it is up there now. I think your doodle just needed the lines drawn to show the curb she is sitting on. You can always add accessories to cover any part you don’t like to draw. Like having her hold a purse so you don’t have to draw a hand. Your doodles are fine. But, this week mine is better. (Just don’t look at her feet). :)

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