For Those Who Think Pin-Ups Are Stuck-Up, I Guess…

A vintage ceramic pinup — pencil holder?! While I struggle with the idea of such a pencil holder, what else could it be?

The seller, luxebetty,shares the following details:

Made in Japan 5 1/2″ tall by 5″ wide and 2″ deep. …holds 6-10 pens, markers or pencils.

So you know luxebetty’s stuck stuff in this pinup’s butt.

While I have no idea to see figurine rape, I kinda want to see the pencils sticking out… Just to see if that’s really the intended purpose.

I struggle with stuff like this; I really do.


  1. I had this forwarded to me

    So funny,really i had not looked at it in such a light but now looking back it gives me a good laugh.

    When i found her she was in an old timers office being used as such even scissors :)

    Thanks for your wonderful humor
    Luxe Betty

  2. More likely for spills, for lighting candles or cigars, etc….. just a thought..

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