Fabric Swatch Friday: Getting Freaky With Fabric Samples

Collector, hoarder — call me what you will. I prefer to be considered a curator, and a creative-type too. Which is why I can’t imagine throwing out just about anything (unless it is actually rotting; rotten is a subjective term, in my, subjective, opinion).

Via my favorite new blog, Visual Arts Library Picture & Periodicals Collections, proof that keeping old fabric sample swatches is a good thing, an inspiring thing:

Now, that doesn’t mean that through photocopying, scanning, or rendering their likeness with your hand that you cannot transform these textured colors and colored patterns into pictures, or otherwise appropriate their likeness for your own creative ends. In fact, this is all just an invitation to do just that.

So, go forth, collect, save, scan, etc. Create something. Maybe even backgrounds for your blog or website. Who knows? That’s up to you.

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