Now What?!
Normally I talk about things. Objects. I normally don’t blog about personal stuff. Observations, experiences, yes; but I like to think of them as part of a larger conversation. Maybe even making a point now and then. But today is one of those days…

The first six minutes of my day went like this:

* Wake up; walk to the bathroom. On the way, pass dog poop. Having nothing in my hands to pick it up and having to pee with urgency, I pass it.

* In the bathroom, I find the last person to shower, the teenage daughter, has not turned the water all the way off and so it had been dripping for hours.

* I walk to “my office,” which currently is my laptop on a TV tray in front of the couch. But hubby, who was home for lunch, left his tray out, making a wall of obstacles for me to move before I could even get there.

* Once seated, I find that hubby has left my portion of the day’s mail on top of my closed laptop. It consists of a Lane Bryant clothing catalog (OK, so I’m still fat), and a promotional piece in an envelope — from Beltone Hearing Aid Service. What?! I mean I can hear just fine; I’m not that old. I just can’t believe this is the start to my day.

It’s hard enough just being a woman in this country, what with all the limits, legislational and cultural, on my person. But how do you face them all when you literally wake up to crap and the day spirals away into annoyance after annoyance?

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