This Is Just The Sort Of “Wrong” I Love To Collect

The “Me Jane” spread-legged plastic clothes hangers.

Sorry, ladies, these vintage novelty hangers were “for men.”

Because nothing says, “I’m secure in my masculinity, my sexuality, my self, and my life,” like a closet full of these gems. The reason these are the ultimate bachelor pad item is because they help guarantee a man remains a bachelor.

What I don’t get is the leopard print bikini panty. Why pretend modesty now? …Maybe the makers didn’t know what it looks like under there. (Makes me want one so I can peep beneath the fabric panty to see if it’s like Barbie. Or Ken!)

Via Copyranter.


  1. I have one of these hangers, I’m trying to sell it on Ebay but can’t come up with a price. Do you have any idea what there worth?

  2. Carlos, I’m not an official appraiser. I always suggest looking online for past sales…

    Remember, it will matter too what condition the item is in, if there’s any original box, etc.

    I’d make an offer — but I’m cheap ;)

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