Big Mouth Promotions

(The combined ‘About,’ history, and Mission Statement, if you will…)

Big Mouth Promotions was born nearly two decades ago when a rag-tag entrepreneur (me!) was eager to share what she knew about doing business on the Internet. As time progressed, life became busier, and emailing folks in my network of friends & associates became too much of a time requirement to keep up with — without compensation.

So, for several years, Big Mouth Promotions was a subscription-based membership, offering plain & simple help for those seeking help breaking down all the mumbo-jumbo, web lingo, data and exclamations, for those who felt overwhelmed and frazzled.

And then, as folks “graduated” and life swirled on, Big Mouth Promotions was the umbrella for some of my consulting work.

Recently the pendulum swung again, and folks began asking for my help and opinions to the extent that the subscription-based model returneth. For just $9.99 a month, you can get my newsletter and get some help.

(I still do the consultant work too; so ping me at if you’re interested.)

However, being both opinionated and a big-mouth, I occasionally feel the need to publicly share my thoughts…

Like the Big Mouth Promotions Newsletter, this part of the blog exists as a means for publicly sharing information about marketing & promotions on the Internet. This includes, but is not limited to, thoughts on business, marketing, sales and advertising (both on the Internet and in the ‘real world’), web design, search engine optimization and strategies, website ranking, ecommerce issues, content creation, and related book and product reviews.

It is specifically for those with small businesses, homebased businesses, the self-employed, bloggers, those who freelance, and/or those who are new to business on the web (or in general).

This is by no means The Gospel of marketing on the Internet, but merely the experiences and opinions of one person.

Feel free to use the comments section to share your own opinions, advice and your questions – yes, even if they challenge the ideas published here. That’s how we all learn.

Now, I return you to the regular blog programming.


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