13 Kitschy Finds

(Thursday Thirteen header by Jenn.)

Just 13 things I found shopping online and had to share this Thursday…

1. Time out of whack? Whack it back with this ping pong paddle clock:

2. Ever wonder what your kitchenware does when you’re at work? They play croquet, of course:

3. I just love this vintage watercolor of Browning, Montana’s “Drugstore & Moving Picture House, in the Snow”:

4. Is it just me, or does it look like this retro poodle got drunk on kitty whiskey?

5. Vintage 1940’s porcelain, wood and fabric Carmen Miranda pin:

6. Two great things that go great together: flamingos and black velvet!

7. Because I often write as Pop tart, you know I’m loving this Cherry Pop-Tart Ring:

8. This is a reproduction, but if you love the style of those classic retro heads — authentically colored turquoise, yet — this head’s for you:

9. Cuddle & coo with this retro Dankin Dream Pet poodle:

10. Get a bit of vintage cheesecake for your cupcake:

11. Miss Piggy went to the UK in the 80’s; bring her back.

12. Go nutty with vintage style peanut bags:

13. And what can go better with circus-style peanuts than vintage hot pink clown shoes? Answer: Nothing. Then again, few things do ever trump vintage clown shoes.

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  1. The one from Browning, Montana is very old. Browning is on the Blackfeet reservation of Montana. According to Wiki there are now over 1000 people living in Browning. This watercolor must have been painted when the city of Browning was first established. That is, when the reservation was first established.

  2. Yes, it’s old — but that’s a great part of the reason I love it ;) Growing up in Milwaukee, the notions of such small towns was (even as an adult) some sort of quaint mythology more than any reality. Now that I live in Fargo, I’ve had to adjust my “city kid” notions and art like this combines fact with quaint charms.

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