Whatjamacallit Wednesday: My Therapy Doll

Maybe I call her “My Therapy Doll” because I’ve got special needs kids & so I spend a lot of time dealing with therapists; because she’s really a four-sided doll displaying emotions. The printed fabric doll is weighted at the bottom to stand, has straw hair, & felt embellishments to show four emotions, which are named via printing at the bottom so you don’t get confused (which is not an emotion displayed on the retro doll).

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I am happy today


I am sad today


I am bored today


I am furious today



  1. Thanks, Sabriam :) When this momma is having a very bad day, she warns the rest of the family by showing the appropriate side of the doll ;)

  2. I have a client who also has this special “therapy” doll. What do you know about its history, value, etc?

  3. Hi Rich,

    Sorry, I don’t know much about it at all. I’d guess 1970s, perhaps 1960s… There are no tags or anything.

    But it’s cool to know there’s a sister out there!

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