Fishy French Tampax

I found this French ad for Tampax via Tom Murphy at The Ephemera Network. Tom doubts this ad campaign could be run here in America — for quite obvious reasons.


The French translates to “I am like a fish in water.” Not that that clears anything up.

Because no matter what language or the word for “fish,” any society with a female population is aware of that fishy smell — though less realize it’s likely due to Bacterial Vaginosis; they just mock it and women in general with tacky references to hyper-sexuality. So I’m really surprised that this ad could run anywhere.

Not just because of it’s potentially suggestive humor, but because why would a company, especially a feminine hygiene product, want to link itself to such an offensive thing? Especially as some experts believe that tampons can change the normal balance of vaginal bacteria; don’t think that’s how you want your target audience to think of you, Tampax.


  1. Catherinette, the French are indeed wacky as a general rule ;) But you’d think Tampax would be smarter than this.

    Laura/Thatgrrl, the reason sci-fi & horror are so erotic is that fear & arousal are very closely linked… Not to mention, the former are often as sexist as the latter :p

  2. My guess is that they were not thinking, David.


    The marketing & advertising department needs a babysitter.

  3. This is actually from a semi-parody French magazine that runs a number of fake ads as a commentary – sort of like AdBusters. This was not an actual Tampax ad.

  4. Hi Buddy,

    Thanks for the info on this; I’ve also posted a note about (and link to) your comment to the person who originally posted the ‘ad’.

    If you’re right about this, then it’s a bit embarrassing to be so fooled — but then sharing & learning is what the internets are all about for me, and I sure learned something today, didn’t I? ;)

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