A Kiss On The Hand May Be Quite Continental, But…

In a case of “Oh My God, why would anyone have a need to write a post like this?!” Laura recounts a recent home invasion in which the person was invited to make a repair estimate — but thinks he has rights to her person. Astonishing.

But then, most of the replies are heartwarming & give me reason to hope that one day no one will ever need to write such a post because such stupid inexcusable things were done. (Except for “The Fixer,” who is obviously a very broken person.)


This post is part of the blogathon for Hope For Healing, raising awareness of domestic violence. Twolia generously sponsored me in this wonderful event! You can help too: Comment, link, Tweet & use this special link to iSearch.iGive.comclicking it and performing searches will raise money for HopeForHealing.Org.


  1. I think it is important for women to write about things like this. For other women it offers support and knowing you are not alone or “imagining things” or “making too much out of it”. Also, it needs to be out there so that one day the laws will support us instead of leaving us out to twist in the wind. I really feel the legal and political side of things does not help women or children. It’s all nice to say supportive things when the camera is on but no one really seems to do much to change things or make them better in reality. Instead it seems the legal and political types are all wrapped up in understanding and seeing to the rights of the aggressor rather than the one harmed by the aggression.

  2. I agree…it’s definitely important for women to write about things like this. It drives me nuts when men discount gut feelings I’ve had about other men acting in creepy ways. Women almost always know what’s really going on in those situations.

  3. I completely agree we need to talk about these things — that’s why I posted it ;)

    I think the shame of ignorant jerks like that commenter at ThatGrrl’s blog keep women from saying what happens out loud & perpetuates the intimidation & control.

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