Snip.It Snaps

Today, just hours after I tweeted how much I loved the site, Snip.It was purchased by Yahoo. That’s good news for Ramy Adeeb and crew, but it leaves those of us who were fans of the site without the space for curation. Personally, despite being mentioned in the Snip.It Hall Of Fame, I feel as others do: tossed aside. Even with all the beta testing etc. I worked with Adeeb and others on, I found out after the site was “shuttered”. All my work there nothing but a downloadable file to upload at a short-list of bookmarking sites — which is nothing like content curation at all, and Adeeb and crew know it.

Personal whining aside, the worst of all this is the BIG business mistake of it all.

Handing things this way means Adeeb, Snip.It, and Yahoo alike all miss out on the good will and future adoption of whatever Yahoo plans to do with Snip.It. Instead of keeping all of us who loved the site in the loop and even in the game — waiting to kill services until after there was the new place for us to participate, this action has rather insured that we won’t give a flying fig about whatever the new service or site is about.

You can’t blame the likely death of Snip.It’s potent new life as part of Yahoo completely on Yahoo — even if there’s a history lesson in that. No, you have to blame the folks at Snip.It for devaluing users so much that we there couldn’t be a “Snip.It’s closed, sign up and merge your account at the new Snit.It.Yahoo” link for us to follow.

Tossing aside Snip.It users like they did, means that I myself have a bunch of orphaned users or followers of my own. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And one I’m not likely to forget. Even if someone from the old or new Snip.It comes-a-calling, asking me to adopt the new site.


  1. I was going to send you a note. Then I saw you post about it on Twitter too. I’m feeling pretty burned. I don’t want to try moving to another site and I don’t want to spend money on so I can open all the topics I had on I’m looking at a way to bring content curation to WordPress, on my own domain. That way no one can take away my collections or my subscribers without notice.

  2. I know aobut PressThis. I use that all the time. But, I wanted to set something up apart from my blogs, the existing ones. I don’t use them to link to everything I find interesting. I tend to post my own written content than found content from others.

    I’m not sure what I will do at the moment. I thought about Delicious but they are having some re-do and won’t take imported HTML right now. Nothing about how long they will be down.

  3. Hi Laura and Deanna!

    Don’t mean to comment bomb this post, but does publish to WordPress (and Tumblr)…and that’s on our freemium version. This actually imports the post to your blog page. With that…you guys also don’t have to worry about not being around. Our paid services are exactly the reason why we won’t shut down. Regardless, there’s a lot you can do with the freemium version.

    I know that our Community Manager Ally is in touch with you guys, so I’ll end this marketing plug right now. :-)



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