New Vintage Reviews

Just ‘cuz it’s old, doesn’t mean it’s not worth talking about.

new-vintage-reviews-carnival_bigHome of the monthly New Vintage Reviews Carnival, a round-up of reviews of old games, books, toys, films, fashions — any merchandise or products made/published prior to 1990.

Reviews of stores/sites which sell retro and vintage items are also welcome, as are reviews of the classic travel destinations & roadside attractions of yesteryear.

The blog carnival will be published on the 20th of every month (or thereabouts). You can view past New Vintage Review Carnivals here. Submissions are due by the 15th.

Submissions will be selected on basis of quality; it’s not guaranteed that all submissions will be accepted.

Submit your review to the carnival here.

Carnival hosts welcome!


  1. Well, I had to give a date of some kind… In terms of collecting, 1990 isn’t “vintage” (and it isn’t retro-chic like the 80’s have become). But in many categories, things are abandoned as old too quickly — like books, which are available but no longer promoted by their publishers just 6 months (less, in some cases) past their publication date.

    But I had to give a cut-off date of some kind because people asked. ;)

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