Drew Barrymore & I Agree

I normally don’t give a fig what celebrities have to say about dating — not only do they not live in the real world, but they are generally poor examples of what good relationships are. But when I read what Drew Barrymore reportedly said , I jumped for glee:

DREW BARRYMORE hates surfing the Internet for love – because it has taken all the romance out of dating.

The Charlie’s Angels star – who recently split up with the face of computer brand MAC Justin Long – confesses that even text messaging freaks her out – insisting she prefers the old fashioned ways of finding a man.

She says, “When I first started dating, it was like the Pony Express. We had to be frickin’ patient. And now everything is instantaneous. It’s too much! Where is old-fashioned romance and a little bit of mystery?”

I believe this is precisely why so many celebrity marriages & relationships fail — they are used to & demand instant gratification. Relationships may involve instant attraction, but the gratification comes over time. This is something which most celebrities seem to fear — perhaps because they fear time and it’s “ravages” rather than revere it.

While we regular folk may not be able to demand — or, more accurately, have our demands so regularly met — we seem to fall for the fallacy of instant gratification. Perhaps it’s because so many of us wish to emulate celebrities, too often for the wrong reasons. But in any case, many wish for instant gratification.

For example, Michelle at Dating Dames (where I discovered the Drew Barrymore news) defends her own quest for relationship instant gratification:

She had me until she complained about instantaneous. I’m not patient. …I’m all for mystery and old-fashioned romance, but I want it quick, baby. Like this, yes thank you for holding the door for me, now I’ll race you to the car. Lets go!

But relationships are the opposite of such a concept. I can’t help from making a reference to Drew’s movie, The Wedding Singer, and the song Grow Old With You:



  1. Thanks for the link-back.

    I want to defend my instant romance stance though. I have been in a relationship in a long distance relationship with my old high school boyfriend for a long time and for the last year he’s gone through these periods of time where he will not answer his phone or email for weeks or even months of time. I waited out more than 1 year of this behavior. I’m done with the waiting. I’ll never get that year back. I can’t even talk to him to break up with him – I just decided that’s it, I’m single.

    Now I’m ready to have some fun and do a lot less waiting. I’ve been beyond patient in the past.

    Celebrities and their dating – sheesh, I don’t know how they do it. There’s always someone hiding in the bushes waiting for them to hook up or stumble or develop some sort of “baby bump.” It makes me very happy to be a nobody.

  2. Of course I’d link to you — that’s where the conversation started!

    I thank you for filling us all in on the details of your circumstance. But I must say that one man-gone-silent (aka being a jerk) costing you so much time with his stupidity and immaturity doesn’t mean that rushing into the next one is a good idea. Take care, please, that being so eager doesn’t lead to larger problems, bigger jerks. And I mean that most sincerely. (For all my snarky talk, I am a decent human being. Really I am.)

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