The “Helping You Get In The Mood” Contest

k-y-brand-intense-arousal-gel-for-women Thanks to the makers of K-Y Brand, I’m giving away 5 full-sized tubes of K-Y® Brand INTENSE™– the female arousal gel scientifically shown to enhance female pleasure, arousal and satisfaction during intimacy.

If you read my review, you know that I not only liked the product, but said that a little dab of K-Y Brand Intense Arousal Gel For Her there will do more for you & your romantic sex life than that perfume you dab behind your ears.

If you want a chance to prove it to yourself, just leave me a comment telling me what other tips, tricks &/or products you’ve tried to help you and your partner get in the mood at the same time — and be sure to let us know which ones work!

(Try to keep it at or below an an ‘R’ rating, ladies!)

Fine Print: This contest is open to US residents of the contiguous 48 states who are over 18 years of age only; entries must be dated on or before midnight, May 19, 2009. I’ll draw & announce the five winners at random on May 20, 2009.


  1. I enjoy the closeness, a great foot massage, a little wine. Savor the moment, relax, and just let nature take it’s course, with a little help if needed.

  2. Well, let’s just say he’s a visual guy and all I have to do is break out a little something something that is black and lacy!

  3. if it just isn’t there, I get in the shower with him before bed. Nothing gets him going like a surprise visitor in his steamy shower

  4. Giving my guy that extra special attention right when he least expect it takes us to that next level. Thanks!

  5. Gotta say there is nothing like running away to a hotel for the weekend. Gets you out of the rut and someone else is doing the cleaning and laundry!

  6. It doesn’t take anything to get my husband ready (he is a man, after all), but for me a little pampering and maybe a teasing text message or voice mail helps things along.

  7. Spending time showing her I care about what concerns her. Listening to her and helping her around the house and then telling her how much I lover her and want her.

  8. take a nap before so you can last all night–
    soft music or some luther or barry white are great for in the mood

  9. when he slowly and lightly kisses my neck, it starts tingling then he makes his way down taking the tingle to a whole new level. very nice.

  10. DW has found a favorite in Excite (from LifeStyles/Ansell); we’re wondering how diff this KY product might be. Love a chance to do an A/B comparison…!

  11. Wine, Massage oils, and Toys. I love experimenting with new ideas and implementing little surprises here and there, like ice cubes or flavored body oil.

  12. My wife enjoys when I wear an extra long t-shirt around the house and that’s it. She grabs what she wants when she wants it!!

  13. More than anything, relaxing is the key. Don’t rush or pressure. Just be relaxed with each other.

  14. All I have to do is bite him softly on the neck and we are rockin’.


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