The “Helping You Get In The Mood” Contest

k-y-brand-intense-arousal-gel-for-women Thanks to the makers of K-Y Brand, I’m giving away 5 full-sized tubes of K-Y® Brand INTENSE™– the female arousal gel scientifically shown to enhance female pleasure, arousal and satisfaction during intimacy.

If you read my review, you know that I not only liked the product, but said that a little dab of K-Y Brand Intense Arousal Gel For Her there will do more for you & your romantic sex life than that perfume you dab behind your ears.

If you want a chance to prove it to yourself, just leave me a comment telling me what other tips, tricks &/or products you’ve tried to help you and your partner get in the mood at the same time — and be sure to let us know which ones work!

(Try to keep it at or below an an ‘R’ rating, ladies!)

Fine Print: This contest is open to US residents of the contiguous 48 states who are over 18 years of age only; entries must be dated on or before midnight, May 19, 2009. I’ll draw & announce the five winners at random on May 20, 2009.


  1. It really puts me in the mood when my guy helps me with something, all the while flirting with me, touching me, kissing me, etc. Pretty soon whatever he’s helping me with, gets forgotten, lol.

  2. Definitely being spontaneous. He LOVES that. We have three kids so believe me, it’s been difficult to have those moments!

  3. Being more concern about her. My loves it when I am attentive to her needs and not selfish.

  4. He likes it at night when I’m absolutely exhausted and I like it in the morning when I wake up or after a nap and it seems like we never connect at the same time. Once menopause came I didn’t want it at all-ever.

  5. It just doesn’t take much for us to get in the mood, but we do have fun experimenting with toys and lotions. Whip cream and other edible delights are the only thing that HAVEN’T gotten a repeat performance. They get dry and sticky way too quick and that takes away some of the fun.

  6. Having a three year old at home, timing can be tricky (i.e., foreplay is at times a luxury). That is why Astroglide is our friend…..

  7. we love a little log cabin getaway not 2 hrs from the house to spice things up!

    I’d love to win this prize, thanks for sponsoring this.


  8. We just got home from a vacation in a remote cabin in the Smoky Mountains and a skinny dip in the hot tub with a view of the mountains and a glass of wine seemed to do always do the trick! :)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Since being on the pill (we recently ditched those) my wife has had a great drop in sex drive. The other day I came across a personal tape we made back before we were married. I asked if she wanted to watch a movie and I put it in for her. After she stopped laughing at the tape and me (about 5 minutes or so) she became very aroused. I don’t expect this would work too often, but t was fun!

  10. Cuddling on the couch usually is a good start, or a foot massage after he’s worked a long shift.

  11. I once tried a product called Rush, I don’t know if they make it anymore or not but the name said it all, you really got a rush during sex big time.

  12. we like to switch things around and try something new, say like this, K-Y® Brand INTENSE!

  13. Spending an evening together, kissing, touching a patting (while the kids aren’t looking) gets us both in the mood!

  14. I like to rub his shoulders arms and hands after a long day at work, he’s always very appreciative ;)

  15. a liitle Richard Marx playing in the back ground with a couple bottles of Busch Light…….aw yeah….THATS WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT!!!

  16. We bought this great glow in the dark massage cream at our local lingerie shop. It’s so much fun! It just needs to charge in bright light for a few minutes and it glows super bright. We like to draw on each other with it and run around the house with the lights out.

  17. He’s a guy. It really doesn’t take much to get him in the mood! I do like to watch movies and get cozy on the couch, though.

  18. I’ll be bold and say the Hitachi Magic Wand. It’s been a great purchase, lives up to everything good said about it and always sets a very romantic mood! (;

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