The Cult Of Domestic Violence

Regarding this last post & that article about Stockholm Syndrome and living in a controlling and abusive relationship…

While the psychological condition in hostage situations became known as “Stockholm Syndrome” due to the publicity, the emotional “bonding” with captors was a familiar story in psychology. It had been recognized many years before and was found in studies of other hostage, prisoner, or abusive situations such as:

  • Abused Children
  • Battered/Abused Women
  • Prisoners of War
  • Cult Members
  • Incest Victims
  • Criminal Hostage Situations
  • Concentration Camp Prisoners
  • Controlling/Intimidating Relationships

Maybe it’s the late hour & lack of sleep, but comparing domestic violence to living in a cult seems like the most succinct comparison ever; it’s the Cult Of The Abuser, the Cult Of Him, the Cult Of [Name].


This post is part of the blogathon for Hope For Healing; Twolia generously sponsored me in this wonderful event raising awareness of domestic violence & funds for supporting victims!

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  1. It’s so true….when I was Married for two horrible years, his emotional and physical abuse absolutely did have that effect on me.

    I also had PTSD for just over a year after I got Divorced…Thank God I got out of that situation….

  2. You’ves got an interesting post about the “cult of domestic violence”. It is a different way to look at it. I think that the point about Stockholm Syndrome and the way that plays a part in domestic violence is a very very valid point.

  3. Thanks for the support with the blogathon & I’m so sorry to leave you & your comments hanging like that… But the blogathon took a lot out of me — and I’m not talking about the 24 hours.

    I needed a few days to digest my experience & am working on a (long) post about it; hopefully it will be published by tomorrow…

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