Breast Implants Identify Murder Victim

Playboy model Jasmine Fiore has been found murdered. Her body was badly beaten & naked, left in an Los Angels trash bin on Saturday — her fingers & teeth “forcibly removed” in an apparent attempt to not have the body be identified, but her remains were identified by the serial numbers on her breast implants. (Now there’s something many feminists don’t know about the benefits of breast implants!) The preliminary coroner’s report indicates that Miss Fiore was strangled.

Her former husband, Ryan Alexander Jenkins (formerly a contestant on VH1’s reality show Megan Wants a Millionaire) is wanted for questioning. You can read all the details here; but here are some of the warning signs people should have heeded:

Court records show that Mr Jenkins was charged in June in Clark County, Nevada, with a misdemeanour count of “domestic violence” when he was accused of hitting Miss Fiore on her arm.

Mr Jenkins was also charged with assaulting his girlfriend in July 2005 in Calgary and given a conditional discharge with 15 months probation.

I may have more to say about this; but I have to go cry & throw-up first.


  1. Beyond the obviousness of her murder being horrific, it’s beyond despicable her teeth and fingers were removed….what kind of an animal does something like that?

    I knew they were going to be able to identify her through her implants, as they come with serial numbers. Thank god he didn’t think of that, otherwise her poor body would have been maimed even further.

  2. AnnQ, the person who murders & thinks they can out-smart the law does that. He clearly has no regard for anything sacred such as life or dismembering a body.

    I didn’t know about the serial numbers on breast implants myself… And wondered if I should even post such a thing — that by doing so, I’m somehow assisting another violent asshat.

    It’s times like this I don’t fear government registration… Maybe we all need our DNA on file, a chip implanted, so that our bodies can be properly identified.

    I do fear what that means; that as a society we don’t want to “infringe upon the rights” of violent abusers, but we’re willing to let them commit crimes upon women & worry about identifying them later.

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